And the Grammy For Cutest Everything Goes to Cee Lo!

While I am not really a huge fan of the Grammys in general, how could I not be squeeling with JOY over the adorableness of Cee Lo Green performing “Forget You” (seriously, it’s RIDIC about the name change, but the song is brilliant) dressed like the gorgeous glam offspring of Big Bird, Elton John, and the NBC Peacock. LOVES IT.

Ceel Lo Green Grammy performance outfit 2011

We Will Never Forget the Cute

And did you see those Muppets?! As if life couldn’t get any cuter! But of course then a big embarrassing pile of GOOP fell on stage in the form of Ice Queen Paltrow who is not at all cute, but even her forced and unnecessary presence could not detract from the raging cute of Cee Lo and the Muppets.

Also, I know this is not a fashion blog and I’m not trying to make it into one but can anyone tell me why Lenny Kravitz is dressed like a Caveman from the Future?

Lenny Kravitz at Grammy Awards

Fire Bad! Leather Good! pic via


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One response to “And the Grammy For Cutest Everything Goes to Cee Lo!

  1. Lisa

    Where did Lenny’s hair go?!

    And when I watched the Cee Lo performance I thought I somehow got an episode of YoGabbaGabba mixed with The Muppets while on some kind of hallucinogenic drug, lol. I wasn’t even listening to the music, it was nothing but feathers, felt and pretty colors.

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