Randall’s Snarky Nature Videos Bring the LOLs

So I was reading Urlesque when I found this ridic semi-spoof nature video, which I’ve actually seen the original of since Honey Badgers are hardcore and amazing even though they look like cuddle muffins. Anyway, its like if a nature show was being narrated by Feathers from Planet Unicorn.  There are other funny videos on the Randall’s Wild Wild World of Animals Youtube page worth your time if you are into NSFW snarky animal videos, and who isn’t?

So, to repeat: YES, Funny, snarky uber gay nature video fun! Not safe for work unless your boss has a filthy sailor mouth and a good sense of humor.

Oh, and just in case you don’t remember 2007 and the Planet Unicorn videos that totally ruled my life that year, enjoy:

Planet Unicorn, HEYYYYYY!


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