Tiny KeepOn Robot Dances & Cuddles and Now it’s $40

OK, the first question is obviously “how did I not know this tiny, adorable, dancing, cuddle robot existed?”. The answer is: I have NO IDEA, but the good news is that I know about it now. And now is better than then because now I might actually be able to BUY one as the original version of the KeepOn Robot is more expensive than my car.

KeepOn is made by BeatBots, a company that is awesome and makes robots for research and therapy and fun. Now they are making a toy version of the KeepOn Robot that will retail for $40 and it seems pretty worth it from what I can see so far.

Reason #1 – It DANCES to yr music by finding the beat and rockin’ along with u.

Reason #2 – It responds to human touch by cuddling with you!!!

Bonus Reason:  KeepOn was developed as part of the company’s CareBots line to help special needs patients, such as people with autism, and u can totally feel the love that went into this adorable robot friend.

Millions of thanks to the wonderful Kaleb who sent me this awesome story from CrunchGear, featuring this fantastic video of the KeepOn Robot having fun with a human friend:

As soon as I get my hands on one of these, which will for sure happen at some point in time, I promise to make cute videos and post them right here on Look Out! The Cute!




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2 responses to “Tiny KeepOn Robot Dances & Cuddles and Now it’s $40

  1. Lisa

    OMG…I would totally chip in to buy one of these for our room! And we must have a collection of hats!

    Seriously, office robot pool?

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