Pablo Penguin and His New Chicks

Hello friends! Forgive me, I know that blog title sounds like a weird 80s children’s rock band, but I think the cuteness of this pic will serve as restitution. Yesterday I received a special email from my adopted penguin son, Pablo Penguin. The attached picture was sent along as well featuring Pablo and his 2 babies, who are about 5 weeks old in this pic and starting to lose their fuzzy feathers.

Can u believe the cuteness of these cuddling penguins in their happy little burrow? Apparently, all the penguin chicks on the island are born around the same time are totally BFFs and take turns playing at each others houses.  I think a collective AWWWW may be in order.

Penguins from Magdalena Island

Pablo Penguin and his 2 Chicks Enjoying a Cuddle on Magdalena Island

And remember, if you would like to adopt a penguin of your own, or as a lovely present for someone you love (Pablo was the best gift ever), you can contact!



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One response to “Pablo Penguin and His New Chicks

  1. Lisa

    OMG, that just met my cute quota for the day!

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