Yr Invited to a Gay Kitty Wedding!

The vast majority of states may be total ignorant jerks about gay marriage, but that isn’t stopping these 2 male cats from standing up in front of their kitteh buddies and meowing their mutual love and admiration for each other in what is being called the first gay feline marriage! So raise a glass to Bruno and Solomon, who will be paw-in-paw at Ollie’s Place, a No-Kill animal shelter in NYC later today as they are joined in the bonds of matrimony (or Catrimony to borrow the term from Dlisted).

Meet the adorable grooms:

Bruno and Solomon: NYC's First married gay cats

I Bruno take u Solomon to have and hold through times of Tuna and times of dry food...

The love cats were both originally found in Coney Island and taken to Ollie’s Place around the same time, where they locked eyes and fell in LURVE. Awww. The trouble is that Bruno, the gray and white kitteh is a bit shy, and Solomon (the orange and white stud) became Bruno’s BFF and protector. The people friends at the shelter think Solomon would have been adopted long ago due to his naturally charming and outgoing personality but his love for Bruno cannot be undone so they decided to make their union official, and thusly will only allow Bruno and Solomon to be adopted as a pair. And so the happy union will ensure the happy kitteh couple enjoys a lifetime of tongue baths, cuddle time, and a litter box for 2.

You can even buy the happy couple a wedding present! A gift registry has been set up for cash and practical donations at http://www.myregistry.com/public/mightymutts.

Congrats to the Happy Cat Couple!


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One response to “Yr Invited to a Gay Kitty Wedding!

  1. Mike DiCerto

    Here is the WEDDING VIDEO!

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