Happy Penguin Awareness Day 2011!

Today is one of Look Out! The Cute!’s favorite holidays: Penguin Awareness Day! Of course I am aware of penguins everyday, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t take some time out to celebrate the wonder and cuteness of penguins! Here are some adorable pics to remind us all just WHY penguins will always be circling our hearts and why we select special days to Ohhh and Awww at them!

South African Penguin at SF Zoo

Oh hi! Happy Penguin Awareness Day!

penguin about to eat a fish

I brought us some lunch!

*Photos taken by me at SF Zoo

And in case you need some more Penguin inspiration you can always throw on yr Surf’s Up DVD (best animated penguin movie ever!) or enjoy this amazing video of a penguin dancing around to some Death Metal (link courtesy of Tricia from Rental Rehab!):

And of course, what Penguin Awareness Day could be complete without an appearance by my adopted penguin son Pablo!

Pablo Penguin from Magdelena Island

Hello! I am a burrowing penguin who lives off the coast of Chile!

Happy Penguin Appreciation Day! Now go start appreciatin’


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