It’s a Teepee for Cats, no seriously

I myself am a cat owner (insert shock and awe!) and while I don’t over-indulge in kitty products other than a few new catnip-filled toys every few months, there are lots of people living out the crazy cat lady dream that will one day eventually consume me. Case in point: a company called Loyal Luxe makes a Teepee for Cats.

Teepee for cats

Focus on the Cute Ignore Any Weird Racial Undertones

I love kitschy stuff like this, and am glad you can find such bizarrely cute products on sites like Amazon even when I am unsure about the actual target audience for such a glorious cardboard contraption.  If you want to know where this pseduo-obsession comes from, I have very fond memories of visiting the kitsch Mecca that is South of the Border on multiple road trips and it is a lifelong dream to stay in one of those rare and quickly continuing to disappear teepee motels.

Also try not to focus on how pissed off the cat in that picture looks. Seriously, there has to be a happier cat somewhere enjoying their teepee adventure, right??


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