R2-D2 Headphones!

I know that most blogs have been all aflutter with holiday shopping lists and wish lists and shopping guides, etc. and so on for the past few weeks. I would love to compile all the cute stuff I want people to buy me for the holidays, but it just never happened. However, I think I have to start right now.

Coloud is a company that makes headphones, but not just yr ordinary plugs,  fantastic Star Wars headphones, including these AMAZINGPANTS R2-D2 headphones that have stolen my heart.

Star Wars R2-D2 headphones

Obi-Wan Says: These ARE the Headphones You're Looking For


Oh, are u a villian-loving bounty hunter fan? Try these HAWT Boba Fett headphones instead:

Star Wars Boba Fett Headphones by Coloud

Boba Fett headphones for the discerning music fan/bounty hunter in your life

You can even display these bad boys next to the picture of your pet with a lightsaber that you know you have hanging up in yr livingroom.

Yay to GeekAlerts for this amazing find! Coloud also has Vader and Storm Tropper headphones, along with other categories, but you gotta give up the love for these nerdtastic headphones that will have Star Wars fans squealing with delight. Squealing I tell you!


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