Panda Researchers Dressed as Pandas!

Who doesn’t love a Panda? But even more importantly, who doesn’t love getting to dress up like a Panda while on the clock? OK, maybe some of you would rather not, but I think if the opportunity truly presented itself you would hop right into that ridic Panda costume in a heartbeat.

Meet the amazing Panda researchers in China who decided dressing up like pandas is the best way to help baby pandas get acquainted to “the wild”. Even though these guys look like they got lost on the way to a Furry Convention, there is no funny business between these big Panda impersonators and the cutie pie baby pandas they take care of. And these cute panda pics are priceless.

cute panda cub and researchers dressed as Pandas

Baby Panda gets a check up by Panda researchers in China's Sichuan province (pic by AP)

Chinese researcher in panda costume carries baby panda cub

Baby Panda gets a furry escort back to the woods (pic via AP)

Thanks to the Washington Post for covering this fantastical story of Panda cuteness!


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