When I Think of Thursday I Think of Giraffes!

That’s right, giraffes and Thursdays are now BFFs in my mind. Why? I have no idea, but giraffes have been making me smile as of late and Thursdays are the magical day these 2 wonderful ideas have decided to combine. Confused? Don’t worry about it, there doesn’t have to be a reason to enjoy adorable giraffe friends looking all awesome like with their sweetie doe eyes and black tongues. These guys are from Lion County Safari, a fantastical place I highly recommend for those visiting South Florida for fun and leisure.

Giraffes at Lion County Safari enjoying snacks

Nom Nom Nom...more crackers please

Friendly Giraffee at Lion Country Safari

Oh Hello There, I'm a Giraffe. Did you know it's Thursday?

Giraffe reaching for a snack

I think I left a crumb or 2 behind, let me just get that off yr hand, k, thanks

Thank You for participating in Giraffe Thursday. You can now return to pretending to do work.

*All pics taken by me, I know–3 years of high school photography classes, it shows.

Oh in case that was not enough fantastic Giraffe action, please prepare to fall in love (again?) with this ridiculously awesome but not terribly safe for work SNL/Andy Sandberg short about Thursday’s favorite animal, Giraffes!!!


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