Turkey Cookies for Thanksgiving

Cute Thanksgiving Cookies

Check out these too cute Thanksiving Turkey cookies! My work buddy Lisa made these fantastic turkey-day sweets for the office pre-Thanksgiving feast and she is kind enough to share the recipe  just so you too can make these cute gobblers for your Thanksgiving — even yr vegetarian friends can enjoy these cuties!

What You’ll Need:

1 Oreo Cookie

1 Hershey Kiss (plain chocolate looks best, but go with yr fav)

1 Candy Corn

1 Keebler Fudge Stripe Cookie (cut in half so stripes run vertical)

Chocolate Frosting

Black Icing Gel

How to Assemble Your Turkey Cookie:

1. Spread enough chocolate frosting on the top of the Oreo so the fudge cookie will stand upright

2. Place the kiss near the edge and sit the fudge cookie flush against the back

3. Spread a small dot of chocolate frosting on the top of the kiss and attach the candy corn head

4. Pipe 2 dots of black icing gel on (to make the eyes)

5. Nom!…or stare in awe of the cuteness. They actually keep for a few days but the frosting may dry out so you’ll probably want to eat these yummy gobblers within a day or so of creation.

Got more Thanksgiving cuteness to share? Send it to Look Out! The Cute!


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