March of the Christmas Penguins

Ugh, I know…Christmas already?? It’s not even Turkey day yet! However, since this blog entry is about cute penguins dressed up in Christmas outfits and not actual holiday consumerism, we can call it a LATE Halloween post instead of an early Christmas one, deal? Ok, now get ready to drop yr jaw over these cutie Christmas penguins:

cute Christmas penguin costumes

Penguin Christmas March from South Korea, pic via Getty Images

These festival Christmas penguins are actually marching through an amusement park in South Korea called Everland (the biggest amusement park in the country), but they’ve already marched right into my heart. *swoon*

So there’s yr first official present of the Christmas season. Thanks Jezebel!



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3 responses to “March of the Christmas Penguins

  1. Lisa

    OMG, 2 of my favorite things ever. Christmas decorations and penguins!

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  3. This is fantastic! I love penguins and I love Christmas – put those two together and you have my fantasy!

    Hooray for Christmas and hooray for penguins!

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