Smiley Sloth Wednesday

Some people think Wednesday is HUMP day but those are the people who are actually living in the movie Office Space and are unaware of that fact. Wednesdays are actually Sloth Days, at least this Wednesday is because today I have wonderful pics of adorable baby Sloths hanging out in Costa Rica at this amazing-pants animal sanctuary just for smiley sloth friends (all sloths are smiley, it’s their natural disposition).

This happy haven for sloths is called the  the Aviarios Sloth Sanctuary, in case you wanted to volunteer or visit. I will get there one day and I will hug a baby sloth, mark my words. And before you start asking, yes, I too think it’s slightly weird that almost everything on my bucket list involves hugging a wild animal. Just hugs, no funny business or ownership issues. Just a hug and run. I think these guys would be into it.

Baby sloth eating a carrot at Aviarios Sloth Sanctuary

Baby Sloth Loves a Carrot and if you try to take it away he will smack you in the face

baby sloths at play at animal sanctuary

Baby Sloth Jungle Gym Party….looks like room for 1 more!

smiling sloth at rescue sanctuary

Well Hello Mr. Smiley Sloth! Happy Wednesday!

This happy collection of smiley sloths has been brought to via the Daily Mail.

Check out even more blog posts about Sloths, including the time I met a Sloth in Costa Rica!



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