Baby Dolphin Makes Friends with Tiny Penguin

Sometimes a story falls into my lap that is sooo cute I think I must have dreamed it up. Luckily, we all must be dreaming because below is the too true story of a teeny tiny orphaned baby dolphin from Uruguay who was rescued at 10-days-old. He was injured when researchers found him on a beach and believe the damage was caused by a fishing net (boo!).

Luckily, the nice people from the NGO Rescate Fauna Marina have been taking care of this little guy and even introduced him to a little Magellan penguin that is also hanging out at the animal rescue center. All these guys need are those BFF necklaces and we’ve got the makings of a adorable situation comedy on our hands. Enjoy the rad pics of the dolphin -penguin encounter!

Rescued baby dolphin

Tiny Tiny Dolphin Friend About to Go for a Swim

tiny baby dolphin being rescued in Uruguay

Can u believe how tiny this dolphin is? That's like a hand towel

Magellan Penguin Meets Baby Dolphin

Tiny Penguin Meet yr New Roomie Tiny Dolphin

Thanks Daily Mail for always delivering the cute! And special thanks to Tricia for sending the link!


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