The One About the Dachshund and the Piglet

So, we might need to start a new category on Look Out! The Cute! concerning random emails from my mother. Like most moms and grandmas on the Internet, my mom sends me lots of random forwards and chain letters. Many of them are cheesy or really really random, but some actually include adorable animals pics or other smile-inducing worthiness for the blog. Today’s blog subject included. Since as stated, these pics were sent in a random forwarded email of unidentifiable origin, I don’t know who to credit these photos to, but if you know, drop me an email and I’ll be sure to update with names and links. 🙂

Now with that disclaimer out of the way, meet this adorable Mama Dachshund (those tiny legs!) and a cute little piglet named Pink. It’s the story of a baby piggy who needed a new mommy and the adorable Mam Dog that steps up to the plate….er, bowl. Pink does get milk from the mama Dachshund and seems right at home as one of the pack. Now you too can rejoice in the preciousness that is inter-species love.

Dachshund mom nurses baby pig

Pink earns her keep by working part-time as a headrest

Baby piglet lives with puppies

Pink the piglet doing her best dachshund impression

baby dachshunds and piglet take a nap

Nap Time for puppies and piglets

piglet sleeps on dachshund puppies

Pink the piglet napping with her puppy friends



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  1. Steve Weckbacher

    This story was written by the owner (Joanna Kirby) of Elizabeth, West Virginia. You can do a Google seach for “The Pink Puppy” and find out more!

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