Super Mario Halloween Costumes for Dogs!

Still looking for the perfect pet Halloween costume to torture yr puppy friend? Are you also a super nerd after my own heart due to yr obsession with old Nintendo games starring Italian plumbers and lots of mushrooms? Then REJOICE! Because my new Etsy hero, Young Urban Puppy has created SUPER MARIO BROTHERS Halloween costumes for the video nerd puppies in your life!

Luigi Super Mario Brothers cosutme for dogs

Haz U Seen the Princess? Pic and Costume via Young Urban Puppy

 Or perhaps you are more of a Mario Fan.

Super Mario Brothers Costume for Dogs - Mario

It's a-me, Mario! Pic and costume via Young Urban Puppy

Do you have a gaggle of tiny pups? Then why not dress up the whole gang. Y.U.P. also makes doggy costumes for Princess Peach and Princess Daisy. All the Super Mario Brothers puppy costumes are custom made according to the Etsy site, so if yr dog is slightly bigger than the puppy models shown, your dreams of ultimate Mario nerdery live on!

Do u have any pics of your pets in costume or make/sell any adorable Halloween costumes of your own? For pets or otherwise? If so, send them to Look Out! The Cute! and get featured on the site!



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4 responses to “Super Mario Halloween Costumes for Dogs!

  1. Was a very nice article. Thank you very much.

  2. cookiiekins

    i absolutely love this costume one for my favorite dog costumes yet!!!!!

  3. natalie

    How do i order one? Ive been looking online and no one is selling them.

    • Look Out! The Cute!

      Well I found this seller on Etsy about three years ago so it’s possible they aren’t making these costumes anymore. Good luck on your search. Let me know if you find any other cute Halloween dog costumes out there!

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