Tabby Cat with “CAT” Written in Fur

Scrabble Kitty Wins!

OoOo, the cuteness has landed today! Meet Polly, she is a 10-week-old Tabby kitteh who will never suffer from an identity crisis since she already has the word CAT scrawled right into her fur!

Check out the Cute!!!

Cat with CAT written in Fur

Polly the Tabby Cat Showing Off Her Writing Skills

All Hail Polly, the Smartest Kitteh Ever

That is pretty awesome. As if kittens couldn’t get any cuter, now there are cats with adorable built-in labels? Good thing it didn’t decide to spell out dog or ferret.

Love story via The Daily Mail



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2 responses to “Tabby Cat with “CAT” Written in Fur

  1. Cabbage

    What if it spelled something like Ninja, that would be awesome. This is pretty cute, but Ninja now that would be sweet.

  2. Patty Poo

    Its a cattoo!

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