Save the Dwarf Seahorses!

OK, we need to post this under Sad Cute. This adorable little friend is the world’s tiniest seahorse, also known as a dwarf seahorse.

Dwarf Seahorse from Gulf Coast

Dwarf Seahorse Chillin' in the Gulf photo by Robert F. Sisson/NG/Getty Images

This little guy is super endangered because he lives in the Gulf and is drowning in oil due to a certain oil spill by a particular UK oil company who will not be getting any Christmas presents this year.

Anyway, to make a super sad story short, adorable dwarf seahorses are not strong swimmers and live in the seagrass in the Gulf of Mexio (that’s the only place they live on EARTH). That seagrass has since become an oil rug and these poor little guys are losing more and more of their habitat between the oil and the burn fields BP started to keep the oil from going onto shore.

If your heart isn’t melted yet,dwarf seahorses also mate for life and are only known to produce a few offspring, which doesn’t help their odds of recovery. So start writing your letters and renewing your BP boycott vows, because this sadness must stop. Save the tiny seahorses!!!

The adorable dwarf seahorses will thank you (and so will I).  Story of sadness via UK Guardian


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