In Celebration of Shark Week: The Whale Shark

Whale Shark just sharking along pic via

To celebrate all the awesome sharkiness going on for Shark Week, I’ve decided to do a post on of one of my all time favorite sharks, the whale shark.

These cute guys are actually the 2nd largest fish in the world and despite their somewhat intimidating mouths, love to munch on plankton best of all.

Even though it is clearly the farthest possible thing from truth, every time I see these guys I get this funny image in my head of a whale and a shark falling in love and making a baby whale shark.

While it’s hard for me to imagine that a whale shark is terribly happy about being in captivity, they do have a few whale sharks at the Gerorgia Aquarium (which I still have not been to, boo!). Having a few of these sharks in captivity however is important for awareness as whale sharks are on the endangered species list.

These rad sharks are hunted around Taiwan and other nearby countries, so spread the word about whale shark conservation and let’s keep these guys around for a while. OK, I will step off my tiny soapbox now.

Happy Shark Week everyone!


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