Paul the Psychic Octopus

Paul the psychic octopus in Germany, World Cup 2010

Paul Claims Victory for Spain! pic via The Daily Mail

I know all of you have already seen this, but I do have a thing for cephalopods, especially ones that are on the verge of world conquest.

Paul correctly predicted the outcomes of all of Germany’s World Cup games, as well as Spain’s victory over the Netherlands in the World Cup final. Paul’s psychic abilities have landed him a few death threats (boo! people, WTF?) and a lot of offers to move to Spain and live as octo-royalty for the rest of his days.

Much to the sadness of a lot of peeps in Vegas, Paul’s aquarium friends are taking him out of the sports prediction game, but we’ll always have World Cup 2010 to thank for introducing the world to the cutest psychic octopus ever.



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