Celebrate Mother’s Day with Some Zombie Wine

I know this is clearly off topic and this post should be elephant mommies snugging their little ones or kittens with hats but this was just too great to pass up, even though it’s cuteness is outmatched by it’s awesomeness.

return of the living red wine bottle

Return of the Living Red from McClaren Vale Winery

This amazing bottle of booze is Return of the Living Red wine. That’s right friends, zombie wine, and the label is what’s even more impressive. Besides the radness of the dripping red wax, the label itself is actually an envelope with an entire horror story inside with accompanying artwork.

Artwork inside Return of the Living Red

Drunk Storytelling Complete with Illustrations

The design company responsible for this amazingness is MASH so you can blame them for making you crave a wine you’ve never tasted based on ass-kicking marketing. I’m ready to buy, but unfortunately the winery’s website is under construction so we’ll have to wait for the resurrection. Man, this should have been an Easter post.

Info and pics via BuyZombie



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