She Was a Knitter!

Neighborhood watchers beware! They are out there and they want to decorate your trees with lovely purl stitches (thanks Wikipedia)! Behold the horror of terrible cuteness when knitters go rogue and start making tree sweaters:

knitting tree bandit

The Mad Knittster Strikes Again! pic via

An unknown assailant who most likely went to art school with me at Purchase is going around beautifying all the trees in West Cape May, New Jersey! The crafty crafter has been nicknamed The Midnight Knitter but I’m not sure why since they have a website, Facebook, and Myspace Page under the name “Salty Knits“. I am seriously down with Cosby-Sweater style graffiti so this act of random cuteness is right up my alley.

P.S. – Double Mega Points if you picked up on my horrible Judas Priest pun-laden title reference

Learn more about this adorable menace at



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