I’ll Take One in Black (omg omg black penguin!)

Are you seeing what I am seeing??? Like perhaps a mother-f*in’ Black Penguin!

Black Penguin from Fortuna Bay

They Say Mutant, I Say Fashion Icon. picture via Daily Mail

They say that this adorable little for-real-and-not-from-magic-marker Black Penguin is the result in some amazing “one in a zillion mutation” — and yes that is a quote, from an actual orinthologist (fancy bird doctor), Dr. Allan Baker, after meeting the Peter Murphy of penguins in Fortuna Bay, and island in South Georgia. Seriously, he said a zillion, cause that sounds scientific. OK, maybe it does, but  it’ s  been a long day and oh, this little goth penguin is currently giving me a reason to live, so that is pretty awesome. Making sense is for days that don’t include mutant goth penguins who are totally throwing all those vanilla penguins the side-eye, like yeah, B*tches, come get a piece.  And that one penguin is staring back, all like hey, is that a f*ckin’ seal right behind us RIGHT NOW? Black penguin would def. go all Walker Texas Ranger on that seal if he started anything.

This penguin is my hero.  Amazing story and picture that will haunt my dream via The Daily Mail.


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One response to “I’ll Take One in Black (omg omg black penguin!)

  1. Darrick Guethle

    This blog is great. How did you come up with the idea? 5 7 5

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