Forget First Class, I’ll Take The Cuddle Section

Listen. I know this is about to change your life permanently, so I want to give a moment to compose yourself and breathe….Ok.

Air New Zealand, i.e. – the GREATEST airline ever, is introducing the glory that is CUDDLE Seating! Have you ever tried to cuddle on a plane? Not fun. Even if yr both fairly tiny, only contortionists can successfully lay down on a row of airplane seats. But fret no more travelers to New Zealand, you can cuddle to your heart’s content…IN COACH! Yes, airplane cuddling is no longer just for the rich and snuggly, now even us middle class cuddlers can take to the sky and snuggle the hours away!

airplane cuddle seating from Air New Zealand

Cuddle the Friendly Skies with Air New Zealand via

Why must Air New Zealand be so very very far away? Granted if I ever got the chance to fly to New Zealand I’d be getting cozy with my neighbor in no time, but this is a trend more airlines need STAT. I’m looking at you Jet Blue, always trying to be so progressive with yr free snacks and TVs, letting the kiwis get ahead of us in the Cuddle Race. ..



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One response to “Forget First Class, I’ll Take The Cuddle Section

  1. cabbage

    When are we going?

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