Happy (late) Penguin Awareness Day!

African Penguin at San Francisco Zoo

Happy Penguin Awareness Day! photo by Kaleb

You might not have been aware of this (I know I wasn’t), but yesterday was Penguin Awareness Day or so says the Turtle Back Zoo in Essex County NY, who apparently houses many adorable penguin friends in addition to what I suppose is a LOT of turtles.

So mark January 20th 2011 as your official Penguin Party day and in the meantime enjoy this adorable pic of an African Penguin giving you a side-eye from the San Francisco Zoo!

For those you of keeping up with the exploits of my adopted Penguin son Pablo from Chile, I’m glad to report that I am now the proud penguin Grandma of two more cute penguin chicks.

This isn’t Pablo’s first time as a proud penguin papa so I know those chicks are in good hands, er..flippers.



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