Mini Harmonica

Yeah I know, cause when I’m walking by the river bank and wishing I had a sweet harmonica with me to go all Dylan on that sunny afternoon, I just sigh cause harmonicas are just TOO big to carry around  in say — a pocket. Don’t worry tiny handed, pocket-less friends! Mini harmonicas are here!

Mini Harmonica

Mini Harmonicas for Small Songs

It’s a Hohner, and a whopping 1.5″w at that, with 4 single holes and 8 reeds. Yes, it is even tuned to C.

You can put on a necklace or a key chain or on the zipper of your back pack (yes you Hippie). Ya know, so you can bring it with you EVERYWHERE!

Finally! A harmonica I easily carry around with me. Why did it take someone so long to come up with this?!

Also, I’d like 2, in case I accidently swallow one.


Oh, you can get it at Urban Outfitters.



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