Striped Possums!

I’m no zoologist, but I enjoy cute animals so I watch Planet Earth and Blue Planet and Life in the Undergrowth and basically anything else produced by the BBC featuring David Attenborough. So it is through these delightful nature documentaries that I usually find adorable new animals to become obsessed with.

Meet the Striped Possum!

Striped Possum via

This little guy has all the makings of some serious cute squealings AND he matches my black and white striped socks, which is only a bonus.

For the educational segment of the blog, here are some fun facts about striped possums:

1. They live in the rainforests of New Guinea and Northern Australia

2. They are closely related to Sugar Gliders (also MAD cute!)

3. They have one long finger (their 4th) that is much longer than the others (like an Aye-Aye!)

4. They are known for chewing loud and being super slurpers! Loves it!

They are also pretty shy and I think they might also be endangered, so no striped possum pets for me (yet!) until I start a habitat of my own. We can slurp soup together.



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