Cat and Dog Co-Parent Their Litters

Inter-species parenting is def. the wave of the future. Especially if puppies and kittens can manage to share parenting responsibilities so adorably.

cat and dog raise litters together

Inter-species Co-parenting at its finest via Ananova

Meet a cat and dog who are putting their pasts aside to raise babies together! These adorable friends live together in Fushun, Liaoning Province and when they both gave birth to their litters just a few weeks apart, they put those cuties in the same box and nursed them together! And if the cat or dog needs a break from the kiddies, the other parent takes over nursing until they return.  It takes a village people!

Learn more about this unlikely daycare situation at Ananova.




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One response to “Cat and Dog Co-Parent Their Litters

  1. clay

    Beyond cute
    If only people of different races, religion, etc. could all get along as well as puppies and kittens- what a wonderful world it would be!

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