Rottweiler Adopts Wolf Pup

rottweiler adopts wolf puppy

Beldaran the wolf pup and Ulrok the rottweiler, BFFs via The Daily Mail

Behold the true and touching tale of a tiny, abandoned wolf pup named Beldaran and the 150 lb. Rottweiler named Ulrok who took her under his, er…paw. According to The Daily Mail, the puppy pals were united when 18-month-old Ulrok met and fell for the sweet little face of wolf puppy Beldaran when she was just 4 days old. Ever since that fateful day, the two have been inseparable and enjoy playing and napping and being adorable together.

The besties live on the Kisma Preserve in Mt. Desert, Maine. So book yr travel plans, destination – heartwarming.

I feel a howl coming on.

rottweiler howling with wolf pup


I feel like no matter how many stories I hear about X cute animal being abandoned by their parents and getting adopted by Y other and seemingly unlikely animal friend, it never gets old. *happy sigh.



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