Smallest Car Ever – Peel P50

Peel P50

Beep Beep! It's the Peel P50

Hello tiny friend! I’m not much of a car person, even though I seem to be posting a lot about cars lately — but if all cars were this cute, I’d rename my blog and pay more attention to Kaleb when he starts talking about engines and the whatnot.

Anyway, this tiny gem is a REAL car! In fact, it is the tiniest real car ever made, the Peel P50, a three-wheeled microcar created by mad scientists in 1962 and 1965. It boasted being able to fit “1 adult and 1 shopping bag”. It had 1 door, 1 headlight and came in 3 colors.

Here is a fantastic video so you can see the P50 in action! *Spoiler alert – it can fit in an ELEVATOR while another person is inside! EEEEEEE!



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