My Future Car: Nissan Pivo 2

This is truly the most amazing of all concept cars, the soon-to-be-mine Nissan Pivo 2. It comes with a ROBOT that talks to you and offers advice! I’m not talking about some disembodied voice, it’s a full-on robot head that moves and turns and smiles and nods and makes me fall in love with it. It also knows when your happy or sad (like Santa) and adjusts its behavior to make you comfortable. The friendly car bot will even stop yr car from crashing if you seem too tired. OoOOooOo!

AND the wheels turn so you can slide in and out of parking spots (no more 3 pt turns), AND it looks like a 90’s Web Cam on Wheels. Other than me and tiny Japanese ladies, I’m not sure who else this car is designed for, but I would sell a kidney to buy this thing TOMORROW.



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