Behold the Eigenharp!

I want! A musician and software engineer named John Lambert has created an amazing musical instrument that takes the place of almost every other instrument and it’s called the Eigenharp (good name too). Throw out your guitars, banjos, Bantars (God I want a Bantar!), synthesizers, and drum kits, because the Eigenharp is where it’s at! You can check out the promo video above, or this great link on the BBC that actually shows you more of the Eigenharp in action!

It’s meant to be played live, most likely in a setting without a giant stage to support all yr instruments, but this thing sounds pretty awesome and looks like something the Cantina Band in Star Wars would play, so I’m all about it.




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2 responses to “Behold the Eigenharp!

  1. If you’re into the bantar you should check out old eps of the Porter Wagoner show – his banjo player used an electric banjo (although not a bantar). Plus the clothes. Plus a young Dolly Parton. You’re missing out.

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