Ode to Princess

Princess Cat Face

Princess Cat Face

For the last 2 weeks we got to cat-sit Princess while her mommy went to Germany. Princess is a rescue cat from Hurricane Katrina and she is SUPER lovey-dovey. While I didn’t necessary sleep very much the last few weeks since she loves to jump on yr head and howl between 2 and 3:30 a.m. every night, she also loved being picked up and hugged and even hugged back. Yes, she is a rare and elusive hugging cat, the kind that put their little paws around yr neck and give you a squeeze when you hold them. She is also fond of rubbing her head against your chin and purring like a maniac.

Princess and Kaleb Falling in Love

Princess and Kaleb Falling in Love

The love, she is infectious. Also, since her name is just Princess, I got to make all kinds of fun names for her during our roomie status. Favorites include:

Princess Cat Face Meowmers

Princess Puke Face

Princess Meow Meow Meow

Hello Friends!

Hello Friends!

I miss her sweet face already. At least we’ll always have the kitteh puke stains on the carpet. Le sigh.



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