Surprise! It’s a Tarsier

OMG! Porkchop Sandwiches! photo via

OMG! Porkchop Sandwiches! photo via

So, tarsiers are basically my favorite animal ever. They are tiny, their eyes are gigantic comparative to their size and they are like a Frankenstein of other awesome animal attributes. For example:

They can turn heads 180 degrees like owls

They have long  rat-like tails that help them cling to branches and keep balance

They have amazingly strong frog-like hindlimbs that help them jump from tree to tree and have the cutest little pads on their hands and feet that help stick to surfaces.

They don’t do well in captivity and have been placed on endangered lists, or else I would totally be a tarsier mommy by now. So instead I donate to conservation efforts and go slightly goofy over pics like these.




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2 responses to “Surprise! It’s a Tarsier

  1. more favorite than meerkats? Really?

    • Look Out! The Cute!

      Yes, more than meerkats and lemurs (just barely) and galagos (bush babies). The Tarsier is the the most adorable of the tiny primartes!

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