Random Lines for Random Minds

While stumbling across the ‘net I came across the Language is a Virus website, and their super fun random line generator. Now perhaps you believe  a random assortment of words means that you would not require a “generator” and that you can come up with your own randomness or if need be, point in a dictionary with your eyes closed.

However, you would just be jealous you didn’t think of it first. Here is my randomly generated poem (I changed the line spacing):

alley cat

white silver bullet dazzle

blanched almond basement


drag queens sepia

tropical inhaling pools

roseshell radiant

secret smoke keylime green

glowworm oldlace nocturne

cramberru floralwhite


– fin –

The website has an actual poetry generator aside from the random line machine, but that just seemed too easy. OK, here’s just one:

Dark and murky in the gods
You excrete yellow sirens near the slime
Awaken, awaken! The pleasure is good
All violet near the shadows
You conjure happy keys beneath the wind
We Reach! The lust must continue
Evil and sticky below the sky
You cavort with scary fangs beyond the grave
Repent! The Knave has died
unsure defiant
blurring at the edges

sun on his face
In whose heart
my friend
unlearn his past
not knowing why

damn. I guess I could have skipped that 6 1/2 years obtaining an MFA in Poetry. meh.



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