Nora in CATcerto

The kitteh in question is indeed Nora the piano playing cat in something that seems like I must have dreamed into being. It’s incredible how often people seem to create things this way. Mindaugas Piečaitis (aka – the best  Lithuanian composer I can name) decided to write a concert specifically to accompany the raw power of Nora’s fevered piano play. Ok, that last part may be a slight exaggeration.

The result is CATcerto, a really beautifully written piece of music made only that much more adorable with the help of a kitteh piano soloist. The video is about 5 min. long, but totally worth it.

I think we clearly need to discover more instrument playing felines to create their own jam-style kitteh orchestra. I think I already know the perfect opening act…

More on One Man Kitten Army in later posts.



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